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A website is the foundation a prosperous web presence for your practice. With years of experience working with Therapists we know  how the right website can attract new clients.  Each site we design is structured to appeal to your new clients.  We work with you to develop a stunning and unique website that reflects your practice.

The norm among the web development industry is to mass produce websites as fast and cheap as possible.  At Websites for Therapists we believe you need more than a cookie cutter design.  Our sites are designed by real, living people! Our design team delivers on two goals: To truly reflects your practice and to appeal to new clients.

Our prices are the most affordable on the market and are geared to those who may not have the biggest budgets or large amounts of start-up cash.

With each new site:

  • Unlimited pages to portray your practice.
  • A unique and custom design.
  • Contact forms so clients can get a hold of you directly from your website.
  • A Content Management System that allows you the ability to change and edit content when ever you wish, including images.
  • Paypal credit card processing capabilities.  Allows you to accept credit cards, send bills to clients and sent up automatic payments.
  • Built in Search Engine Optimization so you can show up in searches with Google and all the other search engines.
  • A discount on all future website revisions and our Marketing and Advertising services. Save up to 15%!
  • Access to traffic data and user statistics.  Shows who is coming to your site and much more.
  • Printable client forms and therapeutic resources.
  • Custom domain and email address.

How It Works

After your purchase you’ll be taken to a form where we’ll ask you to give us a little more information about your practice and your design tastes.  Feel free to be as detailed or brief as you wish.  Our design team will take your comments and begin developing a mock-up, or visual model, based on your input.  If needed, we’ll contact you to get some more information.Our design process has been developed over years working with therapists.  We work with you to get the look and functionality of your new site perfect and won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied.  The process usually takes 1-2 weeks and is tailored to take up as little of your time as possible.

An Example of a Recent Mock-Up

Janet Whitney MFT was looking to develop a visually stunning new site that better conveyed the message of her new program, “Facing Your Fears”.   Although she had a strong idea of what she wanted she was unsure of where to start.  Taking a few of her comments and some pictures from her personal collection we worked with Janet to develop a site that best showed how the Facing Your Fears program could help people overcome anxiety, stress and phobia to live life to the fullest.  The final result is to the left.

Using a backdrop of clouds and sky the site gives a feel of weightlessness and flying.  We also felt it was uplifting and reinforced the mantra of thinking positively of Janet’s program.  Using an image of a rock climber challenging himself to overcome his fear not only attracts the eye but symbolically communicates the possibilities of what we are capable of when we are mentally healthy.

How Does It Work?



Step 1 – Setup Your Account – Setup your subscription with the buy now button to the left. Once you account is created your Free 1 month trial begins.

Step 2 – Design  - Based on your feedback we’ll create a ‘Mock-Up’ of your new site. At Websites For Therapists we believe each site should fully represent you and should be unique to your practice. We wont stop designing till you’re happy with the outcome.

Step 3 – Programming – Next we”ll get to work coding the site with the content and features you wish to include. Once programmed we handle all the technical aspects of launching your site across the web as well as hosting.

Questions? Contact Us

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