How Does Internet Advertising Work to Get New Clients?

Everyday literally thousands of people in America are using the internet to search for therapists.  We can say this for certain because for years we have studied user statistics.  Using this data enables us to create advertising campaigns for Therapists just like you.  Once only available to big companies with bigger budgets, advertising on the web is now more affordable than ever.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising works exactly how it sounds.  When a viewer clicks an ad the advertiser is charged a small fee.   Ads are linked to pages on the advertisers website.  This page, referred to as a landing page, looks much like a full page ad in a newspaper.  It gives the viewer more information about the product of service.

Right now Google and Facebook are the largest providers of advertising space.  Believe it or not, this is where they generate their billions of dollars of revenue a year.

An Example of How it Works

Lets use a typical user for our example; Sarah, a young professional who has been experiencing difficulties with stress related to her work and boss.  She feels the need to speak to a therapist about issues concerning anxiety.  Using Google she types in the keywords “therapy anxiety Newport Beach, California”.  Google returns a page of websites based on her keywords (example 1). This page also shows ads as well (highlighted in yellow example 1).   Displayed at the top of the page is an ad for Megan Thompson LMFT (example 2).

Sarah’s eyes are drawn to the add, specifically to the keywords anxiety and the location of Megan’s practice; Newport Beach.  The ad has been customized to match Sarah’s keywords guaranteeing a match to what she is looking for.  Intrigued, Sarah clicks the ad which is linked to Megan’s personal website.  This website contains more info about Megan, her practice and some info specifically about anxiety.  The page also displays contact info prominently.  Sarah calls to set an appointment.

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Your nephew can make you a website, only we can attract people to it. By combining services you save 15% and start your new website out on the right foot. Besides, what good is a website if no one sees it? Make a fantastic looking space on the web, advertise to potential clients and make sure they come back. It’s pretty simple.

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